Sunday 28 August 2011

World competitiveness in 2011 and beyond with Stéphane Garelli

At the eve of Aidil Fitri, all Malaysians are preparing themselves for a long break. Most Muslims will be heading towards their hometowns, leaving cities like Kuala Lumpur, not really empty, but to be enjoyed by close to 2 million foreign workers.

This celebration is at the middle of many crisis, felt around the globe. We have a very critical economic crisis in the US and Europe. Adding to that is the political crisis, predominantly lead by those in the Middle East, a hangover of the Arab Spring revolution.

For those who have time and perhaps wondering what is going on in the economic front, I believe this presentation by Professor Garelli of the IMD would provide some light of the reality of things. It was made in a very interesting way and certainly very insightful.

Happy learning.


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