Wednesday 17 August 2011

To English or Not to English

This is an interesting topic, depending on your perspectives of course. Some want their kids to be trained in this language, some prefer the national language or their mother tongue. And the debate goes on.

To me this is a simple decision about the future of our kids, and the country as well. What drive success in the future and how we plant the ingredients in or own flesh and blood? Unfortunately, parents are not the sole decision maker in this subject. We have the state which decides what language should be it be for the main stream education system.

Must kids know how to use Microsoft Words, Excels etc, etc? Yes, most of them are better and more proficient than their parents. Any major complaint regarding the computing skills of kid? I am not aware or any. Maybe the likes of Microsoft and other IT companies may complain.

Why not consider English as a platform for success just like Words, Excel etc? It is not about re-colonisation not it is not about loyalty to the country. Like it or not, it is a platform to access knowledge on a real time basis. Maybe some of us are not used to leverage on knowledge to be successful, they may rely more on who they "know", perhaps. Here again, why are we not passionate to ensure our flesh and blood to be proficient in the language where knowledge (as wall as garbage) is stored most? 

Are we scared that our kids will be more knowledgeable and will not be scared of the ghost stories that we have been preaching to them to ensure their obedience? Who is really misguided here?

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