Saturday 13 August 2011

The Missing Tiger

Yes, Tiger Woods will miss the weekend at Atlanta Athletic Club. Though not really a surprise, he missed the cut at the 2011 PGA Championship, the last major of the year. This could be his last appearance in the US for the year although he will be participating at the Australian Open later this year.

This year is definitely a year which Woods would prefer to forget. Without a win for quite a while and still recovering from his divorce, the injury to his knee was not helpful to his effort to regain his career. I suppose Woods would be wondering himself where would it go from here.

One may not be far off in suspecting that his problem is mainly in his mind rather than his golfing skills. No doubt he changed his golf swing but judging from the few great shots that he made, he is still very much a great golfer. The forth stroke at the 18th, when he was no longer under pressure, demonstrated that fact. Some people even suggested that Steve Williams, his caddy for 12 years, was fired just because he wanted to break away from the past. Not totally from success, I hope.

Too me what is happening to Woods is just part of being human. What goes up must come down but this does not mean that it could not go up and higher again. Perhaps this is the differentiating line between those who give up easily with those who persevere and live on to be successful. 

I for one would like to see a roaring Tiger Woods again, breaking more records and secure his rightful position in the history of golf. At least Woods should be comfortable to know that at least there is one human being that has a full believe  in him.

Keep on roaring Tiger! Looking forward to seeing Tiger 2.0.

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