Thursday 18 October 2012

Basic Needs

We take many thinks for granted, especially those accorded on us by god such as health and happiness. Many pursue wealth because it is associated with being able to get many more things that we want. Sometimes is pursuing wealth, the first casualty would be our health or we could also lose our happiness. We work long hours, have to ensure stress, can't provide enough quality time for our family, etc, etc.

If one of our close family members fall sick and we accompany them to private hospitals, we would start to realise the nexus between wealth, health and happiness. Under that circumstances, the utmost thing that we wish for will be the fast recovery of our kin. Money has less meaning. However, the first question that will be posed to us at the registration counter after our personal details are taken would be the mode of settlement. Cash, insurance or settlement by employers. It really struck you that in one way or another, money matters when someone is sick.

This does not mean that there is no basic safety net in terms of healthcare in Malaysia. The trade off would be time as we may need to wait a lot more longer for treatment, something that could also means life or death although access to treatment is normally prioritise according to risks at government hospitals. Just by the number of people who need to rely on this baseline care (even if we minus illegal immigrants who rely on the same system as well), the waiting time could be fairly challenging.

So, in this circumstances, as much as we hate money, it does matter. In fact, if our loved ones are cured, certainly we will be happy.

We may be the lucky ones who do not worry about all these issues but just imagine many others out there who have not medical cover or savings in case of needs. Should we forget them as we don't even have their faces in our minds? 

An interesting issue indeed!

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