Saturday 6 October 2012

A Morning Walk Along The River Thames

A visit to London would not be complete unless one visits the River Thames, the longest river in England. Although London is a modern cosmopolitan city with many modern buildings and structures, a walk along this river provides us with interesting insights on the British past and present.

The fact that one is able to walk along this river reflects how much the British are able to conserve and preserve meaningful assets to be appreciated, not only by their future generation, but also for the world to appreciate. 

This conservation culture is different from some other societies where people with influence will try to seize whatever opportunity to modernise the landscape by replacing old buildings and structures with the new ones which cost millions and lately billions, in whatever applicable currencies. Worse, every single space is open for grab, resulting in nothing left for the society  to enjoy. This is modern life, so they claim. 

The London Eye
The Big Ben
A form of new British culture!
An old navy ship, preserved
Even tree can look like an art work
A lonely seagull wondering about the future
Solar-powered bridge under construction
Interesting old building, well preserved
One of the many churches in London
Old railway office and a new building tower
The famous Tower bridge

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