Saturday 2 January 2010

When East Equals West

Most organisations are now reflecting how they had performed last year. Many measures will be used as the yardstick, especially Malaysians now are more familiar with KPIs and now KRAs.

However performance is measured, honesty is very important. It would be very tempting to create 'success' by selecting measures which are favorable over those that will indicate otherwise. Some may have planned to go East but ended up West. What would they do? In the spirit of Malaysia Boleh just define West equals to East and walla, they could declare that they reached East, hence achieved their goal!

How far this fake success would bring organisations forward?

So, when we it comes to our turn to do this task, we have to do it with honesty so that we would really know where our organisations are and plan to move forward based on real facts.

If there are pressure for you to start redefining success, stand your ground. Otherwise, you will belong to those group where anything is possible, fake or otherwise!

This is my first posting using iphone.

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