Saturday 3 March 2012

Prolonging the Depedency Mentality

What if people who are resourceful and competent feel they are not good enough and rely on you for their future? Some may feel that this is an unfortunate situation and may try to encourage those people to be more confident in themselves. However, there are also people who see this as an opportunity. To this opportunists, the more people are dependent on them, the more leverage they have on those people.

Just imagine if people who are incompetent and inferior somehow ended up with the ability to influence they lives of others? How they ended in such positions could be the question that we have, but in this real world such circumstances do occur frequently. So, instead of empowering the people under their care, they would use all sorts of means to box the minds of their followers. One of the frequently used tricks is to create non-existence threats and claim that they are the only people that could provide protection. This trick has worked in many places but somehow they get repeated with high percentage of success.

While we may consider those who continue to create the culture of dependency as selfish, they should not be blamed for exploiting the opportunities provided by their dependents. In situations where people do not care less about their own future and sit and wait for things to happen, opportunists would step in and exploit such situation. 

Like it or not, there are many people out there who are also addicted to the culture of dependency. Some claims that it is their birth right. Even if we try to dislodge them from such mindset and convince them that they could stand on their own feet, they would accuse us of trying to compromise their rights. Ironically, in their struggle to retain their rights to be dependent on their self-appointed masters, they sink deeper in the culture of dependency. Worse, they enjoy it when handouts are distributed to them, although only happen once in many years.

I am convinced that many of those who thought that dependency is good for them are strong enough to stand on their own feet and could push themselves out of their miseries. However, for change to happen, their minds need to change. Perhaps the first step that they should do is to stop watching ghost stories which are screened on television!

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