Wednesday 7 March 2012


I am a Liverpool fan.

Whatever happens tonight, Arsenal earned my respect based on their performance so far against AC Milan in the Champions League. Starting the game needing to score 4 goals to neutralise their 4 goals deficit, they put their hearts and minds towards that target. It was 3-0 in Arsenal's favour at the half time mark.

Commitment is a single word which describes the way Arsenal takes this match. To achieve the nearly impossible target they gave themselves the chance by adopting an attacking strategy and took control of the mid-field.

They took a different approach in the second half, perhaps expecting Milan to move their players further up to prevent Arsenal from having more chances to score. This resulted Arsenal to be on their back foot and survived a few Milan's scoring opportunities.

With 8 minutes left of the game, we never know what will happen. Notwithstanding the final outcome, commitment by Arsenal was the order of the day.

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