Wednesday 21 March 2012

Defining Success

Today is the day where many Malaysian kids look forward to. The result of the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (Malaysian Certificate of Education) will be announced. By this evening the media will be sharing the joyous moments of those who scored straight A's and how many schools managed to get the 100% pass rate.

In the next few months the issue will be shifted towards who get into which university. Many will be happy to get the programme which they applied for any many more will be disappointed that they are offered programmes which they do not fancy, including those who managed to get many A's on their result sheets.

Three four years down the road the media may be selling stories about straight A's students failing in their university programmes or becoming somebody who are not representative of a straight A's student. In many cases, these sort of stories are about nothing but if we look are what are written or reported in the media these days, that is not an issue.

My point is that life is not about how many A's you score today. It is a continuous journey and how we react to situations on a daily basis define who we are and what our future would be. While A's obtain in examinations may reflect something, they do not represent everything. So, don't be too excited if you score A's and do not despair if the case is otherwise.

Success could be anything to different people and we should not make a small milestone as the end itself. Unfortunately, people nowadays fancy instant glorification and many will use today's event to shout about themselves. Well, they are entitled to do that but the questions is who is going to have the last laugh.

Good luck Nurul Aliah, my beloved daughter.

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Go Halal! said...

All da best to Nurul Aliah and parents.