Monday, 28 January 2013

Lemah Temir - A re-visit

Malaysia is a multi religious and cultural society. It celebrates many special occasions which coincide with the religions and cultures of its citizens in addition to the more global holidays such as the New Year. While this could be considered a challenge by many employers, employees consider the many holidays as opportunities to take a break from their stressful daily routines.

Over the Thaipusam holiday, we had a family trip to Lembah Temir, around an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Located within a palm oil plantation in Raub, Lembah Temir provides visitors with a serene environment, with trees and streams within the compound. This was our second trip to this privately owned place. It is only available to friends and relatives of the owner who built a number of chalets for the benefit of his guests.

I hope the photos and videos here would provide you with some idea about what you could find in this peaceful place.

One of the streams at Lembah Temir
Water flowing down from the waterfall
A symbiotic relationship
One of the native inhabitants of Lemah Temir

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