Saturday, 5 January 2013

Golfing Around Jakarta

To some golf is only for "Golongan Orang Lemah Fikiran" or those with weak minds. Well, maybe I am one of them but somehow I am attracted to the sport. This is one of the sports where you are competing with yourself rather than with your golf partners as your performance is determined by you and you alone. Off course the course you are playing will also influence your game as some courses are tougher than others. Some are well kept and designed while there are golf courses where improvements could be made.

Indonesia is one of the golf destinations in this part of the world. There are many golf courses around Jakarta alone. We can have courses near the city and there are many nice and challenging courses around greater Jakarta. Some of my friends do go to other provinces in Indonesia such as Surabaya and Bandung.

Emeralda Golf Club
The guards of the Par-3 hole at Emaralda
Most of the courses in Indonesia are well kept. I suppose the availability of labour and their cheap cost allows many courses to be maintained very well with nice landscaping. I like the mountain courses. Although they are normally tougher, the geography and scenery would certainly provide you with some peace of mind, even when you are not playing that well.

Landscaping at Kelub Golf Modern
Golf is very important for business in Indonesia. Many deals are conceived and agreed on golf courses. This is the reason why many Indonesian executives play golf. I believe this is also happening in many other places.

Other then golf courses, you can find many places offering a wide range of Indonesian food which are mouth watering. I went to play at Emeralda Golf Club, just at the outskirt of Jakarta, towards Bogor. A part from playing at a world class course, this club is attractive because you can find a specially grilled Ikan Patin at one of the restaurants near the club. Even at 4pm, the restaurant was full with locals enjoying themselves there.

Patin fish grilled in bamboo!
The grill section at Rumah Ikan Bakar Kalimantan
I played my last game for 2012 in Jakarta and played my first game in 2013 there as well. Looking forward to more golfing opportunities there this year.

Have a great 2013!

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