Sunday 19 February 2012

Kuala Selangor Re-visited

Kuala Selangor is the old capital of Selangor and famous for firefly sighting. I was there not for the firefly but to enjoy seafood which is fresh and reasonably priced. The new KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR) which was opened in June 2011 reduced my traveling time to around 30 minutes compared to an hour previously.

I normally have my meal at the restaurants which are located along the river. There are also shops selling seafood products such as dried fish and squids around the area. The supply of fresh seafood is not a problem as many fishermen land their catch there. Given the distance and traveling time, Kuala Selangor should be one the places which you could consider for a nice lunch on weekends.


Iskandar Hamim said...

salam mr dear x-boss en nik (khr), great article. hope we can catch up insyaAllah.

-iskandar x-staff khr

Hasyudeen said...

Hi Iskandar. Sure.

Anonymous said...

Was it Jeram?Jeram in Kuala Selangor also a nice place for seafood