Sunday 12 February 2012

Inner Strength

We have a lot of things that we want for ourselves. Great life, financial freedom, good company and many other things. Some of these are within reach, some may remain on our wish list forever. Nevertheless, wishing (and working) to get what we want requires efforts and perseverance.

Some people have enough motivation and inner strength to continue to strive towards what they want. Some requires assistance of others. Some, however, expect to be assisted and are proud of that fact. I am sure we want to avoid to be grouped in the last category but somehow we do have many around us who are proud of having that right.

While many people would like to determine their future and would be willing to strive for a better life, there are others who make themselves important by getting others to rely on them. They will go around handing out little goodies and keep on promising more.

What is more surprising is that there are people who rely on others in protecting their own beliefs and faiths. Faith and beliefs are something which flow inside out, not the other direction. If our inner defense is weak due to our own doubts about what we believe, we should not blame other for articulating their viewpoints and arguments. In a plural society, this issue is very important as it could lead towards tension if not managed appropriately.

So, if we believe in something, we better keep on reinforcing that rather than expecting other to do it for us. Otherwise, we should be concern that our "faith" may not be there in the first place.

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