Monday 30 January 2012

A Month Is About to Pass

We are already at the end of January. For those who celebrated Chinese New Year, they should be back working or running their businesses today. For many of us, one-twelve of the new year will pass. Are we on the right track as far as our commitments and resolutions for 2012 are concern?

Time flies and if we are not committed enough, whatever desire that we have for 2012 will remain hope but never actualised. Perhaps, it is good just take few steps back and analyse how we fare this time around.

One of the challenges faced by many of us is the constraint of time given that we want to do and achieve so many things. Sometimes, we fail to prioritise our efforts and ended up spreading our resources, including our time, resulting in many efforts with not much results.

How do we prioritise? Some will go for the long hanging fruits, some may try to complete to toughest task first. Whatever our approaches are, we must understand how they will influence our big goals for the year. However, if don't care and bother to plan and execute or plans, all this conversation that we have here does not matter.

Just to remind all of us that the clock is ticking, whether we like it or not. Once passed, time could not be regained.

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