Monday 27 June 2011

Borobudur - A Pictorial University

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple located not far away from downtown Yogyakarta. A stunning architectural work constructed from mountain rocks, the temple stood solid despite being located in an earthquake prone area. We could notice the traces of volcanic ashes from the recent eruption of Gunung Merapi when we visited this historical site recently.

The teachings of Buddha is permanently embedded on the walls of this huge complex, in the form of pictures. Having a good guide, which will be provided to foreign tourists, would enable you to understand more about the moral and stories behind the pictures. It is a sort of a pictorial university, something which remains relevant across languages, time and civilisation.

Volcanic ashes do not only pose threats to this complex but also act as natural nutrients to paddy plantations which could be found around this temple. This provides the people in this area with fertile ground to plant food stuff for their own consumption and well as for commercial reasons.

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