Saturday 21 May 2011

The Wedding Bells Are Ringing

I am invited to 2 weddings today, a staff of mine is getting married and a Facebook friend, who I have not met before, is inviting me to attend the wedding of her son.

The first wedding will be a garden one. Interesting, given Malaysia is a hot and humid country. However, garden wedding is becoming more popular with Malaysians across all races.

I suppose the second one is also equally interesting as this is the first time I am attending an event related to Facebook. As we are getting deeper into this social network thing, it has somehow influenced our "real" life. Nevertheless, I look forward to be part of the two joyous occasions today.

The wedding industry is definitely growing in Malaysia as more people have more money to spend. After all, this is a happy occasion to celebrate with family and friends. This has also enabled many small and budding entrepreneurs to try their luck. One of the emerging beneficiaries from this growth is wedding photography. 

As things get to be more interesting, newly wed couples are taking this part more seriously as well. I was told that some even flew to places like Bali to get their photos taken as part of the event leading towards the grand day.

I wish the two couples who are getting married today everlasting happiness in their marriages.

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