Monday 16 May 2011

Thank You Teacher

Today is Teacher's Day. It is the day to recognise the efforts and sacrifices of all teachers in Malaysia and perhaps in other places around the world.

My late father was a teacher and so was his father.I suppose my inclination towards education and academics is in my genes. A part from my day job, I am presently involved with a number of universities in various capacities.

Going back to those we are recognising today, the role of the teaching profession is really important in nation building. They are the one who nurture our young generation so that they would be useful leaders. In a world where ethics and integrity are deficient, we hope our teachers would again become the change agent who would embed high moral values in young Malaysians.

I am indebted to too many teachers since pre-school, Quranic classes, primary school, MRSM days, university and even today I keep on learning from many different teachers, formally or otherwise. Some of them are no longer with us by their teachings had helped me to make my ways in this complex world. I pray that God will place them in the best possible afterlife.

Happy Teacher's Day.

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