Sunday 6 February 2011

Blogging From Multiple Platforms

Blogging is quickly turning into second nature to some of us. It provides us with the opportunity to share our views and thoughts with the global audience.

Given the web could now be accessed from multiple platforms, bloggers are now able to write their blog entries using mobile phones, laptops and now iPads. This enables full mobility and blog entries could be made everywhere.

It does not mean that all the platforms provide similar blogging experience. The PC and laptops are the most convenient whereas other mobile devices have to make compromises in terms of available blogging features such as adding pictures and adding links.

I suppose recent events showcased this point where the whole world could monitor views and experience on a real time basis. Combined with other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, information, views and thoughts is close to impossible to be stopped.

It would not be a surprise that many governments around the world are now reviewing their strategies in managing overflow of information, in the light if recent developments.

I hope bloggers would continue to share their views and thoughts with a single objective of making this world a better place for everybody.

This posting is my first using my iPad!

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