Monday 13 September 2010

Connected without computer

The Hari Raya season this year is the first time where I did have my laptop with me when going back to Kota Bharu. Nevertheless I was still able to be connected to the Net, thanks to my iPhone and Blackberry.

Staying connected while on the move is very important, especially if one wishes to be updated with what is happenning worldwide. Those who are addicted to social networks, having no access to sites such as Facebook would make them fell restless. Furhermore, social networks is transforming from a platform to socialise into communication platform. Some breaking news are reported first on these sites.

As communication tools are becoming more advance, access to the Net is possible from other gadgets other than the traditional PC and laptops. Smartphones are becoming convenient access points. My iPhone is definitely useful as it provides interface which is not that much different from larger computers. My Blackberry ensures I receive my office mails and able to respond on timely manner. Have two tools enable me differentiate between what is work and what is personal.

So far so good, I was connected most of the time and sometimes were able to share breaking news with other family members before they were reported on tv. Looking forward to try other tools such as iPad next time.

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Anonymous said...

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