Sunday 9 May 2010

A tribute to all mothers

Celebrating Mother's Day when one's mother is no longer around is certainly odd. What remains is the memories of the past, to the extend that the mind could remember. Unfortunately, we are not in the position to experience the challenges of our mothers had to go through when we were in their wombs. None also could understand the period when they risk their lives in delivering us into this world.

Many could recall the early days when they were old enough to remember the feeling being comforted by their mothers in the time of needs. Off course we could not remember how it was when they had to wake up and attend to us when we cried. None of us could deny that those early days set the tone for our future.

Many religions and cultures place mothers in special positions. In Islam, they are respected as such that it is a great sin to raise our voices when speaking to them. What more to hurt their hearts. Given the sacrifices that they made in ensuring all their children would be raised in the best possible ways and achieve the best possible future, such honour is the least we could give them.

Have we done enough to thank the most special human being in our life, our mothers?

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