Sunday 30 May 2010

The Sensitive Ecosystem

While the oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico could be thousands of miles away, we have our own similar problem when 2 ships collided at the Straits of Malacca, near Singapore. The latest is that the oil spill is spreading to the Malaysian shores after causing problems in Singapore.

Somehow, there is not much coverage that we have in Malaysia on this unfortunate event. Either the media deems this as not that news worthy or we Malaysians are not bothered about it as it happens far away from where we live.

I was in Cherating, off Kuantan, recently and was able to enjoy the beautiful South China Sea. There we people who caught some fish using net. Just imagine how their life would be affected if the mishap happens to be in that area. Cherating is where Club Med is located as well.

As we develops further and enjoy better quality of life, we should not ignore the basics which enable us to be where we are now. We need to ensure the environment around us remains beautiful and sustainable. Otherwise, the cost to live in a messed up environment would be expensive and would suck whatever extra income we generate in the future.

Not sure how sensitive we are in protecting our environment, perhaps we have not messed things up that much to start to be concern. However, if we are smart and develop the mentality to preserve what we have, I am sure the long term cost to the society will be less.

The choice is ours to decide.

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