Saturday 6 January 2018

Continuing With The Journey

We have stepped into another new year. For those who are still signing cheques, please make sure you get the year right. Otherwise the cheque will bounce.

Being human, we look forward to start things afresh. It does not mean that we would be pursuing different goals in life but a new year would provide a point for reflection, re-looking and consider new ideas. Remember, life is a journey.

Since my last adventure with a regulator, I am using a small outfit to pursue my efforts in promoting good governance across our society. Now, Inovastra has some visibility and we take this opportunity to be more effective in what we do.

In clarifying the end-game to ourselves and our stakeholders, we would be using "Promoting Good Citizenship" as our mission. This covers individual citizens as well as corporate citizens. In a modern society, institutions and corporations play important roles in ensuring the well being of the people are property taken care of.

While good citizenship for individuals could be easier to understand, what good corporate citizenship could be more abstract. Institutions and corporations are only legal personalities, their conducts are determined by the people who lead, manage and execute their daily operations in pursuing their missions and visions. Would a good citizen be a good steward when given roles in running organisations? Inovastra would be doing more activities towards clarifying issues around this topic.

So far, Inovastra had been dealing with both the corporate sector and small and medium enterprises in dealing in areas of leadership, strategy and governance. To ensure everyone is on the same page, we have been using these two models in describing governance as a concept and how businesses are ran:
Our governance model
6 disciplines of corporate practices
Apart from efforts to clarify the meaning of good corporate citizenship, would  be rolling out programmes which will have directors to dive deeper into some governance topics before practising them in real life. This will be announced towards the end of the first quarter this year.

Inovastra would also be focusing on coaching leaders which would help them to acquire or let go behaviours. This is important as leadership is about dealing with people.

Happy new year and we pray that everyone would be able to achieve their new year aspirations.

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