Monday 1 December 2014

An Orphan Golfer I am

There are many milestones in one's life but not that often one's club membership gets terminated. This happened to me today when officially my membership of Perangsang Templer Golf Club (PTGC) was terminated. The PTGC had been sold to a property developer to be developed into a mixed-development project.

PTGC is not the first golf club that suffers from this fate. Many other golf clubs around the Klang Valley are being developed into property projects due to the increase in property prices. Too tempting for the owner to maintain the clubs facilities and dealing with members' behaviours when the other option is to sell the properties off for handsome profits.

Although PTGC was owned by the Selangor state government which has a lot of money in its bank account, the temptation to "unlock the asset value' was too high. Notwithstanding the green surroundings of the club which is irreplaceable, as many people would say, "money speaks"!. I am not sure, in the case of preserving the ecosystem for future Selangorians, this was a wise move.

Some may argue that golf is an elitist sport. Well, I am not sure in the context of where we are as a society today, providing opportunities for Joe Malaysians who are from the middle to low income bracket to have something useful to do over the weekend is so. This was what PTGC did.

Anyway, this is already history. While some of the club members are trying to frustrate the deal through some level interventions, the fate of the PTGC was sealed when the membership of the members are terminated effective from today.

Just to capture the memories of the golf course, I went to play for the last time on Saturday. I did not play well but it was a memorable one. For a club which helped me to reduce my golf handicap from 36 to 24 (or about there), it deserves a posting here.

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