Sunday 31 August 2014

Abe Yee and his grand children

A long weekend is always welcomed, especially at this stage of life. I took the opportunity to visit Abe Yee, a family friend and a masseur. A former member of the Malaysian Special Force, he has been known to me for avery long time especially when he was invited to our home in Kota Bahru whenever he needed treatment for his muscular pain. Off course we will be at his house on the second day of Aidil Fitri as his wife, Kak Mah, cooks the very delicious Nasi Dagang.

Abe Yee is very good at identifying the root causes of muscular and joints pains. Instead to focusing on where the pain is felt he will track their sources and deal with them decisively. One needs to endure some pain to survive his treatment. In many cases, Abe Yee will massage your stomach instead of your back if you complain about back pain and in most cases it works! A 20 minutes treatment should be sufficient.

Abe Yee with one of his grand children
There was a situation when I took a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu to be treated by Abe Yee for around half an hour. It was worth it and I always recommend him to my friends. As for payment, he will never ask you for any specific rate and it is up to you to show how much you appreciate his work. Could he be applying value-billing where customers pay based on the value received rather that cost incurred as believed by many accountants who are still charging based on time cost and complain about how much their services are not appreciated by their clients?

He has a strong passion for soccer and served a number of state teams such as Kelantan, Pahang and Melaka in helping the players to recover for their next games. When those teams had financial problems, he was not spared. A very telling fact about the "professionalism" of the management of our professional soccer league.

Already in his mid 60's, Abe Yee spends his time either at his home in Kota Bharu or at his son's house in Nilai. Since retiring as a Kemas teacher, Kak Mah had started supplying Kelantanese delights to some food outlets around Nilai. I am quite confident her income will exceed what she earned last time if she continues this endeavour as her cooking is really good.

Now they are looking after their grand children when the parents are not around for work. When I was there this morning, the kids were at their top performance. Running, shouting and quarrelling over things that we could not imagine.

I am sure all of us went though similar experience. Sometimes, it is difficult to let go and we continue to behave like kids even when we grow up. The difference is we quarrel over different matters and in many times, the ways we quarrel are worse than kids. If kids can quarrel over who should sit on a particular chair, adults do have the same problem, albeit the chair that we quarrel over may lead to things that kids would not imagine. Given adults are supposed to be smarter, we would justify our behaviours through all means of communication and we make sure the whole world knows that we are quarrelling. Kids on the other hand may forget what they are quarrelling about if they have new stuffs that attract their attention.

If grand parents like Abe Yee could feel the challenge in looking after their grand children, especially when those kids are quarrelling, how would we feel when adults around us are behaving the same over matters which sometimes are insignificant. Hope we all we really grow up and behave like real adults. Well, we may need another 57 years to achieve that!

so when any of you need some help with muscle pain of join problem, Abe Yee should be able to help. 

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!

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