Saturday 27 April 2013

Sorry, I can't remove the advertisements

I am sure the visitors will notice the kind of advertisements which have been appearing at this blog in the recent weeks. During this period of time, people in Malaysia are being persuaded to decide in one way or another. Given the time and age, such persuasion could appear in the form of web advertisements  at websites which are linked to search engines such as Google. This blog included. 

While such arrangements helps the websites to be visible, the website owners are not in control of the kind of advertisements which will be appearing. Just imagine advertisements regarding alcoholic drinks appearing on Islamic related websites!

While such confusion exists, it demonstrates the state of play where information on its own does not create value. It has to be contextualised. Given many of us are still anchored at the days and times where the powerful will bombard the powerless with all sort of information, rubbish or otherwise, as a symbol of power and control, such practice is not unexpected.

However, the audience has many more options nowadays. Many of us consider news on the internet as their main stream media. The effectiveness of the old "main stream media" such as radio, television and printed newspaper has to a certain extent diminished, especially where people have easy access to the web and has a bit of intellectual capacity. Notwithstanding this, the old media serves as a platform to make the powerful feel good as observable domination is certainly comforting.

This posting is meant to extend my apologies to those of you who are not interested with the kind of advertisements which appear here. I am not in control of them but I trust you are here because of the content. If you don't like the advertisements, just do the opposite when it matters!

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