Saturday 23 March 2013

Competitor moves further ahead

If one visits the Asiatique night market in Bangkok, one could observe that Thailand is strengthening its position as a tourist destination a notch higher. This place stretches the concept of night market a notch higher.

The overall concept, layout, products sold and people at this huge tourist spot is not easily duplicated elsewhere. The strong Thai small and medium enterprise community is one of its pillars of the strength of its economy. You can't set up a huge market like this unless you are a key supply chain player. The availability of competitively priced labour is another pillar.

The choice and quality of products here appear to be slightly different from those offered at places such as MKT. Is Thailand moving away from the cheap imitation goods image that many of us usually think of?

While I may not have made a correct analysis, Asiatique is certainly a place where I will bring my family to and I am sure they will be enjoying themselves.

Off course, the famous Bangkok traffic jam seems to be the problem that they need to work on.


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