Tuesday 18 December 2012

Yogyakarta, Revisited Again

Somehow I visited Yogjakarta again. However, for this trip the theme was environment and culture. Off course, we can't resist the lovely local cuisine which are very tasty and reasonable priced as well.

As a snapshot, I went to Mount Merapi again. This time around we could see the  villagers working hard to rehabilitate the area. The government is encouraging them to plant trees which facilitate the efforts to make the place liveable again. 

A villager planting new trees around Mount Merapi
As we travelled back towards the city, we stopped at a Salak plantation. I never knew how many varieties of Salak were there but definitely they were very tasty and sweet. 

One of the varieties of Salak in Yogyakarta
The next stop is the Kraton which captures the history of the Hamengkubuwono dynasty. From where the palace complex is located, we could appreciate the place of the royal family in the hearts and minds of the people in Yogyakarta.

The Kraton in Yogyakarta is the centre of culture and history
Not many foreigners visit the coast of this smallest province in the island of Java. We went to Perangtritis beach which is naturally located in the south. This place was hit by earthquake in the past but the people seemed to have recovered pretty well. There were many activities on the beach for visitors but I will have to go there again to experience the underwater rivers hidden in  many caves located near the beach.

Perangtritis beach, a place with many options for visitors to choose
The city of Solo is where the other royal family resides. The Pakubuwono family lives in this city in Central Java. The palace complex is smaller but retains the character which reflects the stature of the royal family in the Javanese society.

The kraton of the Pakubuwono family in Solo
The Tawangmangu waterfall is located the Grojogan Sewu national park. The journey to this place was certainly exciting as we had to pass paddy fields and mountains. It was worth a visit although it rained when we reach the tourist spot.

A majestic natural scene 
A visit to Yogyakarta would not be complete is we do not visit Malioboro street. This is where tourists could buy souvenirs and closely observe the life of Yogyakartarians.

The Old Market at Malioboro street, the ladies will love coming here
Adya Nelendra is a boutique hotel which provides excellent accommodation and tourism related services. Each room at this beautiful hotel has its own character  which symbolises the culture of the people of Yogyakarta. You are welcome to consider this hotel which I had stayed twice.

A pool in the middle of Adya Nelendra
More stories to come soon!

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