Saturday 14 April 2012

Killing time

I need to kill another 2 hours before my next flight. This journey started just before midnight yesterday and I may be another 4 hours away from my destination. Life is funny, yesterday was crazy and every moment matters. Now, time seems to travel at a very slow pace to the point that I need to kill time. I hope writing here would be worth while instead of wondering around the airport alone.

What is time actually? Is it about the number of times the earth circulating the sun? Or it is simply an indicator that we are slowly but surely consuming whatever balance that we have of our life? It would be interesting for us to reflect which segment matters to us, the past or the future. I can complaint about those who live their present live and totally forgot about even tomorrow. The perspectives from which time is viewed could shape the behaviour and conduct of a person. Some may use the good deeds of others in the past to justify whatever entitlements they believe they must have at the present, create a mess out of that in such a way that causes the futures of many others to be affected. Sounds familiar? 

We also have people who behave without any concern for the future. Many of these people just think about themselves and could not be bothered about others. The danger is when they collectively make critical decision resulting in a massive irresponsible decisions. Selfish people could be bought easily. Those days their price was only a piece of Batik. Now, at least, it is worth RM 500. They forgot to divide that by 4 or five to realise how cheap they are in selling their souls.  

Maybe we should be more concern of what is left for us to do with our lives. What are we going to do next, tomorrow and beyond. What are the objectives that we want to achieve? Who we have in mind when we decide what we want? Ourselves, our flesh and blood, our society or the world at large? Many will feel that they are too small to be ambitious or to desire something which will benefit beyond themselves. The issue with this sort of thinking is they will let things to be as they are and have no desire to initiate or exert their will to make changes for the better. They will sit by the side and accept anything as fated. I would like to encourage each and every of us to be more proud of ourselves and have the belief that we could make a difference. Please make sure every action that we are going to make from now on to benefit the broader society, beyond ourselves. 

There more we give, even a little, the more we would get in terms of satisfaction. If each and every of us persistently care and act in the best interest of our society, we are using time in a very unselfish way and hopefully gives more meaning to our lives. So, think of how you all would use the remaining time that we have in the best possible ways.

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