Sunday 10 October 2010


Today, for some, is certainly a special day. Yes, today is the 10th day of October the year 2010 or 10.10.10. I am sure most of you could vouch this by the number of wedding invitations that you received. Even our only Angkasawan is getting married today.

The best that I could do to mark this date is by posting a Twit at exactly 10.10.10:10:10. I thought I got it right. But hang on, those in Melbourne and Sydney would have experienced it 2 hours earlier. I am sure those in London would have more time to think of how they would make their 10.10.10 meaningful. The further we go to the west, the later people would be embarking on something to mark 10.10.10.

Perhaps this is what Alvin Toffler meant by desynchronisation, where, even time is not really synchronised as what we thought. The same applies to knowledge and space, three important elements which chart the future. To be successful in managing our future, we need to master knowledge, deal with time and compete on a wider space. Not east and many people hate this reality. That is why some are starting to build false sense of comfort though slogans and claims which may excite some of us for a while but essentially delayed us from sorting our our real challenges.

The fact remains that there are people who are comfortable living in a centrally control environment where people are expected to heed instructions from one source. Enter the internet, where knowledge is shared across communities and countries at close to no cost and could spread even with the highest level of censorship. The future is about being comfortable with chaos and learn how to create higher value to mankind out of all the confusion around us.

Again, without knowledge, we could not build competency in taking up competition which could come from many angles at various speeds. For Muslims, they should remember that the first revelation to Prophet Mohammad is the directive to read or in the modern sense - to seek knowledge. I am sure various other religions and civilisations accord knowledge at a very high position as well.

So, we might want to think about KNOWLEDGE, TIME and SPACE on this special day of 10.10.10.


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