Sunday 6 December 2009

Could Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Unseat Poco-Poco?

Today The Ministry of Tourism organises a mass dancing event showcasing the so called "Tarian Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia" or 1Malaysia holiday dance at Dataran Merdeka. This consists of a number of dances rooted from the diverse Malaysian ethnic groups, reflecting the cultural diversity and harmony of Malaysia.

While not officially stated, some may argue this is a response to the cultural competitiveness between Malaysia and Indonesia. In fact, Poco-Poco, a popular Indonesian dance is also very popular in Malaysia. So, could this 1Malaysia dance a direct response to the popularity of Poco-Poco?

Promoting 1Malaysia Holiday Dance is one effort in shaping the future culture among Malaysians, especially in promoting inter-ethnic understanding. Could similar effort be used to combat social ills such as corruption?

Maybe it is time for Saya Benci Rasuah or I Hate Corruption dance to be introduced in Malaysia? Part of Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia dance series?

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