Wednesday 3 December 2008

Soulful Stewardship

It was really a proud moment for me when the MIA launched a monograph entitled Soulful Stewardship - Steering corporations through human governance, during the last National Accountants Conference at KLCC. The monograph was written by Dato Professor Aziuddin Ahmad and Associate Professor Arfah Salleh from the Graduate School of Management, Universiti Putera Malaysia.
The monograph discusses about the need for a more holistic governance approach for corporations by focusing to the hearts of the people that run corporations rather that imposing regulation on corporations. The writers argue that we should consider the governance model that governs the human within the corporations that will be supplemented by the existing corporate governance framework.
The issues pointed out in the monograph is rather timely considering the position of the global economy which we are in at the moment. Looking at what triggered the melt down at Wall Street which later affected the "Main Street", greed will be one that would be cited most.
Since most of the management system applied by the companies that failed originated from the West, there is a great risk that we are also being exposed to the same pitfall. Soulful Stewardship is an attempt to direct the attention towards the real issue, people. While structure and process help in providing conducive environment for enterprises to operate, it would be the people that would eventually call and make the shots. Looks like it is time to go back to basic and address the issues that make the heart ticks towards the right direction.

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